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2010 Year-End Blog Review

by DJ Kelly January 3, 2011

On this exact day (January 3) of last year I wanted to take a look back at the previous year as viewed through the eyes of my blog. At the time I said 2009 “was a good year for me personally and I think this blog shows some of the highlights that come to my […]

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A Poet Laureate for Calgary

by DJ Kelly June 21, 2010

If you read my blog often you know two things about me 1) I believe we need more openness and transparency in government, 2) I’m a big fan of the transformative power of the arts. Today I want to announce a project that I’m working on that draws on both of these. Last year I […]

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วิธีเล่นเกมยิงปลาให้ได้เงินNuit Blanche Calgary update

by DJ Kelly June 16, 2010

I should have posted a Nuit Blanche update months ago, but there had been so much movement over that time things never felt settled enough that it made sense to post an update. With recent events however now seemed to be the best time to let everyone know what’s going on. Here’s the whole story: […]

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The case of the missing question mark, or How it’s important to remember no one on Council is ‘evil’

by DJ Kelly April 22, 2010

We all make mistakes. They happen. But we need to be man enough to admit them when we do. One of the things that I value most about having a blog that is followed by as many people as this one is the number of comments or emails or tweets that I get about it […]

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Council playing politics with the Pumphouse

by DJ Kelly April 12, 2010

It’s not very often my biggest areas of interest – local government and local arts and culture – intersect, but this is one of those times. The Pumphouse Theatre is an amazing story that I invite you to read up on. It is one of those stories about saving Calgary’s heritage while at the same […]

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