Who would you be proud to have as premier?

By DJ Kelly February 8, 2011

I’m not a fan of party politics. Quite frankly I could care less which “party” is in charge. I care more about who the people in government are and what kinds of decisions they make. With three leadership races going on at the provincial level there is an immense?possibility?for new leadership, some names are even being touted as leader for more than one party.

To that end I wanted to post a poll here on the blog to find out who would make you proud to have as our premier. Regardless of party affiliation. So have at it. Pick one or pick several. Who do you think would do a good job?

If you’d like me to add more names to the poll, just leave them in the comments.

  • yegger

    How about none of the above?

  • Satya Das?

  • Berry Farmer

    I’ll add Satya Das, too.

    • Added. Although I’m not sure many know Satya.

  • Davidgwhalen

    It would please me to have a premier who has some political maturity. One who is determined to stand up to Ottawa and challenge them on every level. And I mean on every level. Lastly one who puts people first, infrastructure and R&D 2nd and corporate last. Corporate has had it too good for too long at the expense of people. I do realize that this will not happen, but you did ask.

  • Shoenle

    How about none of the above?

    • Thought about that but until it’s an option in real life I figured I’d leave it off of here too.

  • Karen Wold

    Doug Griffiths all the way to the top!!

  • Bah. These online polls have become little more than social media networking contests.

    • I agree… if you think the outcome of the poll is somehow magically supposed to be representative of the actual voting outcome. For me it’s more interesting to look for emergent patterns rather than number of votes. That’s something no organized “vote for this person” social media campaign can take away, especially because we can see these and account for them in the analysis.

  • Bill Thompson

    Just as long as it isn’t a Wild Rose government that keeps interfering with municipal elections. They also lied. I tore up my Wild Rose membership after reading the lies that Keith Wilson was scaring the hell out of everyone with regarding bills 19, 36 and 50. I spent money on a lawyer cause I believed him and my lawyer says the Wild Rose is misrepresenting the legislation. For Conservatives, I’d definitely take a Jim Prentice over a self indulgent and pompous Ted Morton. Dave Taylor should take the leadership of the Alberta party fairly handily. He’s matured politically and concentrates more on policy than rhetoric now that he’s left the Liberals. Speaking of Liberals, who even wants that job as captain of a sinking ship? As for NDP, they are inconsequential in Alberta. Unions killed any chance they ever had.