CBC Radio column: Stelmach’s resignation, courts’ banning Twitter, and Egypt

By DJ Kelly January 26, 2011

In this alberta@noon column on CBC Radio One with host Donna McElligott I talk about the online reaction to the resignation of Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach and what it might mean to opposition parties. I also discuss the suggestion by the lawyers of Russell Williams that the tweets of journalists were harming the public and that Twitter perhaps should be banned from the courtroom, as well as the Calgary judge’s ruling banning Twitter from the trial of Dustin Paxton for fear that it may it may limit his right to a fair trial and what this may mean for the question “what is a journalist?”. (Yes, I even squeeze in a reference to Walter Lippman.) We also touch on the role social media is playing in the Tunisian and Egyptian protests and what potential reactions are available to their governments, and what the results of that may be.

albertaatnoon Jan 26 2011