Who’s running for Calgary City Council in 2010?

By DJ Kelly April 3, 2010

[List last updated July 12, 2010.]

There sure are a lot of names coming out of the proverbial woodwork right about now saying they are going to run for Calgary City Council. Now it’s a long way off from nomination day on September 20, and everyone can change their minds still, but it’s already getting hard to figure out who is who, and who’s saying their running and who is not.

So with this in mind we decided to put together a list of everything we’ve seen reported, heard personally and have heard rumour of. We’ll try to update this list regularlly as we hear or see other things. If you know of anyone missing, please just let us know and we’ll add them!

PS – Try not to read too much into the difference between “rumoured” and “declared”. At this point it doesn’t really mean much. It’s more a degree of?veracity?in their statements up till now that made me choose one over the other. Some however, are just rumours.

Dave Bronconnier – Incumbent (not running)
Craig Burrows (declared)
Diane Colley-Urquhart (not running)
Joe Connelly (declared)
Oscar Fech (rumoured)
Bob Hawkesworth (declared)
Kent Hehr (declared)
Barb Higgins (not running)
Paul Hughes (declared)
Gary Johnston (declared)
Alnoor Kassam (declared)
Jon Lord (declared)
Ric McIver (declared)
Naheed Nenshi (declared)
Wayne Stewart (declared)

Ward 1 Alderman
Chris Harper (declared)
Dale Hodges – Incumbent (declared)
Bill Scott (rumoured)
Judi Vandenbrink (declared)

Ward 2 Alderman
Gord Lowe – Incumbent (rumoured)
Biagio Magliocca (declared)

Ward 3 Alderman
George Chahal (rumoured)
Jim Stevenson – Incumbent (rumoured)
Gary Tremblay (declared)

Ward 4 Alderman
วิธีเล่นเกมยิงปลาให้ได้เงินLeslie Bedard (declared)
George Chahal (rumoured)
Sean Chu (declared)
Michael Hartford (declared)
Calvin Horne (not running)
Bob Hawkesworth – Incumbent (not running)
Curtis Kruschel (declared)
Tommy Low (declared)
Jane Morgan (declared)

Ward 5 Alderman
Dan Barnfield (declared)
Robert Guizzo (declared)
Ray Jones – Incumbent (rumoured)
Naheed Nenshi (not running)

Ward 6 Alderman
Joe Connelly – Incumbent (not running)
Gordon Dirks (rumoured)
Brent Mielke (declared)
Richard Pootmans (declared)

Ward 7 Alderman
Steve Chapman (not running)
Druh Farrell – Incumbent (declared)
Tommy Low (declared)
Harley Shouldice (not running)
Kevin Taylor (declared)
Jim Young (declared)

Ward 8 Alderman
Steve Champman (not running)
Barry Eldridge (rumoured)
John Mar – Incumbent (declared)
Zak Pashak (declared)

Ward 9 Alderman
Gian-Carlo Carra (declared)
Joe Ceci – Incumbent (not running)
Henry Hollinger (rumoured)
Jeremy Nixon
Mike Pal (declared)
Adam Vase (declared)

Ward 10 Alderman
Andre Chabot – Incumbent (rumoured)
Nargis Dossa (declared)

Ward 11 Alderman
James Maxim (declared)
Ernest McCutcheon (declared)
Brian Pincott – Incumbent (declared)

Ward 12 Alderman
Al Browne (declared)
Roger Crowe (declared)
Shane Keating (declared)
Ric McIver – Incumbent (not running)
Rory Rotzoll (declared)

Ward 13 Alderman
Diane Colley-Urquhart – Incumbent (declared)
Sandy Jenkins (declared)

Ward 14 Alderman
Peter Demong (declared)
Richard Dur (declared)
Linda Fox-Mellway – Incumbent (rumoured)
Shawn Kao (declared)
Bill Tummonds (declared)

Ward 1 & 2 Trustee
Gordon Dirks – Incumbent (not running)
J Durrani (declared)
Michael Gretton (rumoured)
Trina Hurdman (declared)
Josh Traptow (rumoured)

Ward 3 & 4 Trustee
Lynn Ferguson – Incumbent (rumoured)

Ward 5 & 10 Trustee
Pamela King – Incumbent (rumoured)

Ward 6 & 7 Trustee
George Lane – Incumbent (rumoured)
Carole Oliver (rumoured)

Ward 8 & 9 Trustee
Pat Cochrane – Incumbent (rumoured)

Ward 11 & 13 Trustee
Karen Kryczka?– Incumbent (not running)
Kathy Power (rumoured)

Ward 12 & 14 Trustee
Carol Bazinet – Incumbent (rumoured)

  • I like what I see in ward 4.

    What about Peter Demong in Ward 14? He's apparently door knocking everyday already

  • I just did a post on Sean Chu….Ward 4. Where is DJ Kelly's name? Where Jeremy Z name?

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  • Tell me Shane, where should “DJ Kelly's name” go? Or Zhao's? Start the rumour and I'll add them. ??

  • Thanks Jeremy, I had dropped 13 & 14 off the list somehow. They're back now. Including Demong.

  • Zhao goes in the “Ward 15” section if you entertain that idea. Trust me, not running has been the best decision I've made. I can do whatever I want right now, and it's going to make this election just that much more special. THAT MUCH MORE SPECIAL.

  • Laura Shutiak

    An update on the Trustee elections. Gordon Dirks told us at our last meeting that he will not be running for re-election.
    I will keep you posted as I hear about other candidates.

    Laura Shutiak

  • Thanks Laura, I've made that change.

  • BD

    Hey DJ,

    Here is a new Ward 11 one

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  • BD

    Hey DJ,

    Here is a new Ward 11 one

  • Thanks DJ, this is awesome. It's tough to keep track of all the going-ons and this is a big help!

  • Gary Tremblay

    Don't forget Gary Tremblay in Ward 3! (should be up by June 14/10)

  • Jane Morgan

    Looks like you will need to edit Ward 4 again.


  • Zaim Paine

    I'm new to Calgary, and I was just curious, do this many people usually run for mayor during the elections here or is this year considered rare?
    And if 2010 is considered to have a large influx in candidates, why do you think that is?
    Like I said, just wondering.

  • The current mayor is not running this time around so we are seeing a lot of people declaring early. While the total number of people running is not much higher than normal, the quality of the names running and how early they are declaring is certainly new. I expect you'll see more of the last minute people by the end too however making this a very large field on election day.


    Wayne Frisch – Ward 8

  • Steve Smith

    I believe he is running in Ward 11

  • steve

    well arent we sick of that
    i have a solution that will lower taxes,clean our city, change the minds of criminal minds,and we focus on environmental and put this city on the map as cleanest please to live….here is how we do it…we as tax payers are already paying for prisoners to SIT in our jails why not have prisoners doing hard time cleaning our city by the way top environmentalists think?

  • JJA

    Barb Higgins has declared hasn't she?

  • DB

    Please update (i.e. Barb Higgins has declared). Thanks!

  • Thanks to everyone for following this list! I’m going to shut it down however, and instead point you to, which now that they are up and running, has the most complete list.

  • BD

    Wayne Frisch, WARD 11